The Problem

Many authors struggle with making links to their Amazon books. It is vital to have a good, clean, link that makes it easy for people to visit your Amazon sales page with just one click.

Some Solutions

Some authors copy the long link in the address bar and then go to a shortening service like That works well, but sites like Facebook are not too happy with those.

Others join the Associates program and use the short link in their Stripe toolbar. Amazon is very fussy about affiliate links and only allow those on your own website.

A few folks copy the address in the browser address bar and remove everything from the first /. That works too, but there is an easier way.

The Easiest Solution

All you have to do is go to the sales page of your book on Amazon, scroll down to the detail area, and copy the ASIN (kindle) or ISBN (10-digit number for paperbacks) and add it to this link: For example, for the kindle book and for the paperback.

Link Both Your Editions

If you have both the kindle and paperback copies available on Amazon, login to your kindle account support area and request them to link the two editions. That way you can use either link and Amazon will show both editions..

Val Waldeck

Global Publishing Academy