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7 Ways to Deal with Information Overload

7 WAYS TO DEAL WITH INFORMATION OVERLOAD In our modern age, Information Overload is a big problem. There is so much information coming at us from every angle throughout the day, we just do not have the time or energy to process it all. What is Information Overload? Wikipedia describes it as “The...


Seven Things to Consider before Publishing Your Book

How to Prepare Your Book for Publishing. Budding authors sometimes imagine that writing a book is a quick and easy way to make a lot of money! After all, how hard can it be to put some words on paper, publish them as a book, and sell them to the hordes of eager buyers with credit card in their...


Marketing Mentor for Authors who want to Sell More Books

Marketing Mentor is for you if you have experienced disappointment because your books seem to get lost among the millions of books on offer. Marketing Mentor will certainly help you get the word out about your books. Find Out More Here: Marketing Mentor Do You Want to Sell More Books? You...


Seven Ways to Market Your Books and Products

Hot Tip from Val Make a decision right now to do three things every day to market your books and bring people to your website so they may sign up for your newsletter. Write 30 interesting, informative short items about your book or its topic. This could be a quote from your book or a comment...


7 Reasons You Should Publish Your Book Now on Amazon

Did you know there is ONE website on the internet that can bring you 100% passive income (when used correctly)? This website has 244 MILLION users already. This means you NEVER have to worry about traffic. Ever. Plus, you don’t need a website, experience, and very limited technical know-how… it’s...


How to Make an Easy Link to your Amazon books

The Problem Many authors struggle with making links to their Amazon books. It is vital to have a good, clean, link that makes it easy for people to visit your Amazon sales page with just one click. Some Solutions Some authors copy the long link in the address bar and then go to a shortening...