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How to publish Kindle books on Amazon to reach a global audience

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How to Publish Your Book on Amazon Kindle and Earn a Passive Income for Life

The GLOBAL KINDLE PUBLISHING COURSE is an exciting “hands-on” self-publishing course that will take you through the basics of publishing your book on Amazon as a Kindle book. It is a profitable and honorable way to make money online while at the same time enriching the lives of people with your work.

What is Kindle publishing? This is a way to self-publish your books in digital format with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Anyone with a smartphone, smartwatch, iPad, tablet, or PC will be able to buy and read your books globally. Amazon has a free app for every digital device. This means you have the potential to reach literally millions of people.

How do does Amazon Kindle publishing work? Most authors aren't sure how to go about publishing their work for a global audience. We assume it is difficult and the work of professional publishers.

That is not true. Amazon has made it easy to publish your books in Kindle and print formats. Their global outreach makes is easier to sell more books to more people. You need only learn the skills to publish with them. That is what this course is all about. It will take you by the hand and show you how to get started with publishing a book on Amazon. Publishing on Amazon is very popular, and many authors become bestsellers. Some even make the New York Times Bestseller list.

I spent many years trying to publish my books with regular publishing houses. My rejection file grew ever larger. It was devastating until I realized most publishers get thousands of manuscripts. Some receive 20,000 or more a day. It's difficult to reach the top of that pile. Amazon has changed the game.

Many successful writers self-publish with Amazon. The sales are better and so are the royalties. Readers don't care who the publisher is. If your books are professional and the content is good, they will buy everything you have to offer.

I have published more than 80 books on Amazon in both Kindle and print format. I have also helped many authors to publish their books. This is the first time I am offering that same training in a course for a wider group.

These are skills which have paid lots of my bills.

This course will give you the tools to publish whatever you write.

  • The Kindle course will show you how to publish Kindle books.
  • The Print course will show you how to publish print books on Amazon.
  • The combined course will give you the skills you need to do both and save you money.
  • It will show you how to start your own Kindle Publishing Business.
  • How to get an ISBN for your books at no cost.
  • How to format your book for Kindle and Print publishing on Amazon.
  • Information on the best fonts and layout for your book.
  • And much more.

What will you get from this course?

  • A complete publishing system for your books on Amazon.
  • Step-by-step instructions on receiving royalties you can transfer to your bank account.
  • How to get a USA bank account if you are not a USA citizen.
  • Guidance through the USA tax interview.
  • You will see fast results.
  • You will see more sales.

\Why Publish on Amazon?

Amazon.com is one of the largest online shopping websites in the world. It has a wide selection of books. The popular Kindle, lightning-fast shipping makes your book accessible everywhere.

Millions of buyers globally are searching its virtual shelves every day. Amazon is usually the first place people look for books. You don’t need to find clients because they are already searching on Amazon. Some writers are selling a book every 20 seconds. This is the place your book MUST be.

Publishing Kindle and paperback books on Amazon is the best decision you can make.

Earn a Passive Income for Life

Once your book is on Amazon, it will be there for life (unless you choose to unpublish it). Learning this skill is a great investment of time and money. Your books will be on sale all over the world 24/7.

How profitable is Kindle Direct Publishing? John Locke sold over one million copies of his kindle book within five months! Of course, he did a lot of marketing to make sure people knew his book was available. The sky is the limit if you do the same. There are three steps to profitable KDP publishing – Writing your book + Publishing your book + Marketing your book.

This course assumes your book is ready for publication. It takes you through the publishing process and offers some marketing ideas.

When do you get paid? Amazon pays royalties sixty days after the end of the month once your books are sold. They have an extensive reporting system online so you can keep track of your sales and royalties.

Save Money

Hiring someone to format your Kindle and/or paperback book can be expensive. Even more so if you want to keep writing. Learning the necessary skills will allow your creativity to flow. This course opens doors for you that go beyond your wildest expectations. When you become an expert at this, people may even hire you to help them self-publish!

Avoid Information Overload

The modules are concise and easy to understand. Follow the directions and you will soon be earning a passive income online. Of course, this will depend on serious marketing your books.

Avoid Frustration

This is an exciting way to begin your publishing journey. I always recommend authors self-publish their Kindle edition first. This allows you to test the market and make adjustments to your book before you prepare the print edition. You get 35-70% royalties on the Kindle book and 60% (less printing costs) on the paperback. Amazon takes care of all the details.

Reach a Global Audience

The traffic on the Amazon site is huge and filled with people looking for books to read. Every digital device on the market has access to the free Kindle Reading app. Publishing with Amazon is free and fun.

Save money by learning how to prepare your kindle book for print publishing.

  • Step-by-step instructions, easy enough even for computer-illiterate authors.
  • Fabulous royalties. 35-70%.
  • Free publishing
  • Use the free Cover Creator to generate a cover for your Kindle edition.
  • Worldwide sales.
  • Become an Amazon international author today!
  • Publish in Kindle and Print formats and have the best of both worlds.
  • Get into print now with this stunning new course.

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Val Waldeck
Val Waldeck

Val Waldeck

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Here's What People Are Saying About My Global Kindle Publishing Course

Great Product: The step-by-step nature of this product is fantastic. We all know how big kindle books have been getting in recent years and this gives marketers one more possible income stream. With your guide this possibility becomes a reality! I no longer have to spend hours trawling the web looking for information on how to format my eBook for Kindle. — John Thornhill, USA.

So Easy To Understand: But best of all…This Book Mentoring Course is personally conducted by International Best Selling Author and eBook creator Val Waldeck herself. This means that you won't find any super complicated technical jargon here. Val has a gift for teaching which means it will be dead-easy to understand, and it's laid out so you can easily follow it. — Robin Miller, Durban, South Africa.

You are the best: Congrats Val. you are the best. You took me from teaching me to cross my t's and dotting my i's to a published book.” – Ingrid Marshall.

Great Job: I hadn’t realized there was so much to getting a product on Kindle the right way! I have to say you have done a great job in outlining each step of the process. And in a correct manner! I look forward to getting some eBooks on Kindle properly now (and the extra revenue that will bring…lol). — Warm regards, Randy Smith. www.RandolfSmith.com.

Dynamic: I find the modules very helpful. I know that my participation in the course has saved me many hours of unnecessary frustration and tears with regards to writing and publishing my book. The course content covers everything one needs know, things I would never have thought of on my own! — Abigail Neilson.

I would recommend it: I published my book within three weeks. I would have had a difficult and frustrating time if I had tried to publish without the guide. It’s easy and the step by step process will take you from a manuscript to a published book in no time at all. — Craig A Ferreira, Discovery Channel, National Geographic.

It has been my roadmap. It has been my roadmap to getting my reports and short stories up and loaded into my Library Shelf. With your tutorial, I now have 10 books on my bookshelf! I am a 71 year old Great Grandmother in the United States, Midwest. — Kathlene Amerine, USA

A breath of fresh air that explains every detail. Pure excellence Val, thank you. — Barry Wells, UK *** Barry’s Review

Highly Recommended. Val has succeeded in making what is potentially a very complex and confusing process into one that is very easy to follow. She describes every step in the process in a clear, concise and logical way. I am delighted to say I have now successfully published my first book to Amazon’s Kindle. – Susanne Spencer. To Your Future Success in the growing World of Kindle Books!

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