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How to Publish Your Kindle Book as a Paperback on Amazon

You've published your book on Amazon as a Kindle edition and some folks have asked you for the paperback version. Let's face it, many people still prefer pBooks to eBooks. In fact, paperback books are making a comeback and Amazon is currently planning to open over 400 physical bookshops in the USA according to the Financial Times. Discovering how to publish paperback books on Amazon is a must for every author.

Does this seem like an Impossible and Expensive Task?

First you have to get your book re-formatted for paperback publishing, then printed, and distributed at huge courier costs! Or do you?

Why Publish on Amazon?

Literally hundreds of millions of buyers, with credit card in hand, are searching its virtual shelves every day in countries like the USA, UK, India, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

Amazon is usually the first place people look for books. In other words, if you going to publish something, you don’t need to find clients because they are already searching on Amazon. Some writers are selling a book every 20 seconds. This is the place your book MUST be.

Amazon KDP Paperback Publishing

Amazon KDP now have an exciting new service! You may upload a print version of your Kindle book and they will publish it as a paperback without any cost to you. This means all your information is already on site and you are good to go. You don't need to use another publishing process.

The GLOBAL KINDLE TO PAPERBACK PUBLISHING COURSE is an exciting “hands-on” self-publishing course that will take you through the basics of how to self-publish your paperback book on Amazon.

Earn a Passive Income for Life

Once your book is on Amazon, it will be there for life (unless you choose to unpublish it). Learning this skill is a great investment of time and money. Your books will be on sale all over the world 24/7. John Locke sold over one million copies of his kindle book within five months! Of course, he did a lot of marketing and making sure people knew his book was available. The sky is the limit.

Save Money

Hiring someone to format your paperback book can be expensive, especially if you have more than one book and you want to keep writing. Learn the necessary skills yourself in an easy step-by-step method and let your creativity flow. This course opens doors for you that go beyond your wildest expectations. When you become an expert at this, maybe people will even hire you!

Avoid Information Overload

The modules are concise and easy to follow and, if you follow the directions closely, you will soon be published and earning a passive income online.

Avoid Frustration

The course takes you step-by-step through the process of preparing and self-publishing your book as a paperback edition with Amazon KDP.. You get 35-70% royalties and Amazon takes care of all the details.

Reach a Global Audience

The traffic on the Amazon site is amazing and it is filled with people actively looking for books to read. Plus every digital device from smartwatches, smartphones, tablets to computers have the free Kindle Reading app available, giving you a truly global audience so you can advertise your paperback edition in the kindle edition (and vice-versa) as well to increase sales.. Publishing with Amazon KDP is free and fun.

  • Save money by learning how to prepare your paperback book for publishing.
  • Step-by-step instructions, easy enough even for computer-illiterate authors.
  • Fabulous royalties. 60% less printing costs.
  • Free publishing
  • Use the free Cover Creator to generate a full cover from your Kindle edition.
  • Give buyers a choice of kindle and/or paperback editions of your book.
  • Worldwide sales.
  • Become an Amazon international author today!

Why not have the best of both worlds?

Get into print now with this stunning new course.

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