How to Prepare Your Book for Publishing.

Budding authors sometimes imagine that writing a book is a quick and easy way to make a lot of money! After all, how hard can it be to put some words on paper, publish them as a book, and sell them to the hordes of eager buyers with credit card in their hand surfing

How many books are "out there"? And how many rich authors do you know? That should give you a hint about the hard work involved in writing, publishing, and marketing your book. It takes time, effort, and expertise. The good news is you can do it, with some help, guidance, and mentoring. That is the purpose of the courses available at the Global Publishing Academy.

Here are seven things to consider before publishing your book.

  1. Your Book Title. Is your title interesting, catchy, and able to grab attention? There is a lot of competition, even on digital bookshelves such as Your title must shout: STOP. LOOK AT ME. Test your title at and see how likely it is to sell your book.
  2. Your Book Sub-heading. The title says 'stop'.. your sub-title should say 'take a closer look.' This is the line of text below the title that spells out exactly what the book is about. Your book cover is your greatest advertisement so make sure both these elements are well thought-out.
  3. Keywords and Keyword Phrases. Those are the words people generally use to search for books like yours on sites like Amazon. Try to get them into your title and sub-title, but especially in your sub-title. If you get that right, you stand a fighting chance of Amazon showing people YOUR book when they type in matching words. Use the Google Keywords Tool to do some research. Also go to Type some words in their search box you think people may use to search for your genre. Don't press enter, but take note of the suggestions Amazon offers you. Those are words people are actually using. You will need at least seven of these keyword/keyword phrases when you publish.
  4. Your Description. This usually goes into the back cover of your print copy. It also goes in the description area of the Amazon sales page. Make sure it has a good sprinkling of your chosen keywords. This is your online sales copy. Tell people why they should buy your book and what it will do for them. Use the same description as a preface in your book. People are able to read the first 20% of your book online so don't waste this space.
  5. Editing and Proofreading. Have you eliminated poor spelling, bad punctuation, and grammatical errors? It is hard to see your own mistakes so be sure to have some proofreaders check your manuscript. Finally get a good professional editor to give your book a good polish. Two software recommendations will help you. Download the free Grammarly software and Word plugin. It does a marvelous job of picking up spelling and punctuation errors. Then run your work through the incredible Hemingway software. This amazing software (free or paid) will tell you if your sentences are hard to read. Aim for a 5 rating on your work. Anything higher than that is for University professors' consumption.
  6. Formatting for Kindle and/or Print Publishing on Amazon. It is very important you get this right. Save costs and learn this useful skill. Check out the courses at the Global Publishing Academy. They will take you step-by-step through the stages you need for successful publishing.
  7. Your Cover. Very, very, very important step. You can't tell a book by its cover, but you certainly do sell books by their cover. I remember going shopping with my elderly Mom one day. She stopped in the aisle to buy a tin of baked beans. There were two brands on the shelf that caught her attention. Both were excellent brands. The one had a dull, uninteresting label on the tin. The other had a lovely, bright, enticing label. Guess which one she bought? You want people to buy YOUR book so do make sure a professional graphic artist creates a stunning cover for you. You will be happy when your book keeps selling for years and that cover earns its keep. Of course, a lot depends on your marketing too!

To Your Publishing Success!


Val Waldeck
The Global Publishing Academy