Hot Tip from Val

Make a decision right now to do three things every day to market your books and bring people to your website so they may sign up for your newsletter. Write 30 interesting, informative short items about your book or its topic. This could be a quote from your book or a comment about your book topic. Use at least three of the following facilities to post your item every day for thirty days. Include a link to your website, opt in form, or book sales page. Rinse and repeat!

Here are seven ways to supercharge your marketing

1. Sign up for your free account and tweet your comment about your book, its area of interest, or quote. Be sure to add the link to your sales page. Remember you may only use 140 characters so make use of an URL shortener like

2. Facebook – Do not attempt to “sell” your book to your friends, but rather adjust your comment by adding some more words to make it user-friendly. Link to your book sales page.

3. Facebook Page – Send your Twitter comment to your Facebook page. You can set it up for Twitter to do that automatically.

4. Sign up for a free account and send your Twitter comment to your LinkedIn profile. The more thought-provoking, informative, and interesting your comment is the better.

5. Animoto – Go to, make a free 30 second video, and upload it to YouTube. It is very easy to do that. Just follow the online instructions. Choose some great music, use the text blocks to add your quote or comment, and a link to your webpage. Use the picture blocks to add an image of your book cover and your photograph.

6. Pinterest – Sign up for a free account at and add your daily comment or quote. Link to your sales page.

7. Find a Group on FaceBook or LinkedIn or search Google for a forum that is relevant to your book or topic. Visit regularly and post a comment, if appropriate. If not, make a relevant comment on the daily discussion. People on the forum or in the group may then be interested enough to click on your name and visit your website.

Do not attempt to do all of these every day. Just select three and post your prepared item regularly every day for thirty days. Rinse and Repeat!

Click HERE for some excellent video courses to help you with social media marketing.

Val Waldeck

Global Publishing Academy